1. Tomorrow Never Dies Game Walkthrough – Outpost, Russian Border (1)

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-12-28

    Stuck on a level? Not sure where to go next? Use this walkthough as your guide to the 1999 James Bond video game, Tomorrow Never Dies from Electronic Arts.

    This Tomorrow Never Dies walkthrough is applicable for the Playstation platform for both Agent and 007 difficulty settings.

    Tomorrow Never Dies (1999)

    Mission 1: Outpost, Russian Border

    1 – Laser-Designate Dish
    2 – Obtain Security Card
    3 – Escape On Skis

    'Tomorrow Never Dies' Video Game

    Starting off this first mission, approach the guard in front of you and take him out. Detonate the two nearby barrels to reveal Med Kits to pick up. Turn around and fire at the other barrel and crate to collect an additonal Med Kit and ammo case.

    Next, approach the chained fence and take out all of the patrolling guards (Sniper mode comes in handy here) beyond it—there is a nearby tree that you can use for cover. Once through, use the fuel container to the right as cover while you take out the sniper posted in the guardhouse just beyond it. After you do this, move inside the guardhouse and take out all the other enemies that approach the entrance. Once they are taken care of, pick up the sniper rifle and aim through the windows until you spot another enemy atop a nearby tower.

    With that enemy out of the way, exit the guardhouse, but continue to use it as cover as you take out the patrolling guards near the tower. Proceed upwards towards the tower while eliminating any approaching guards you encounter along the way. Once they are all out of the way, grab the armor at the top of the tower and then proceed back down.

    Move along until you approach a second guardhouse, using the trees for cover as you zoom in to take out the pair of guards stationed at it. Once inside it, use the sniper rifle to take out another enemy atop a nearby second tower. Exit the guardhouse (a crate close by holds a Med Kit if needed) and then move towards the tower. Fire at the barrel located in the gap of the chained fence and then proceed through (all the while watching out for approaching guards). Fire at the crate located by the tower to pick up a 007 life icon. Ascend the tower, grab the armor, and then head right back down. Take out any guards that have shown up and then move towards the tunnel/cave ahead past the chained fence. Eliminate the two guards inside.

    Once through, veer towards the upwards slope to the left and use your sniper rifle to take out as many of the guards on the groundlevel as you can. Be sure to take out the guard posted at the tower as well. Once all of the enemies in this section are out of the way, fire at the various barrels to stock up on Med Kits and ammunition. Aim at the satellite dish with your Laser Desginator and press R1—Objective 1 completed.

    After this, a helicopter will approach your position and begin to drop enemies. Fire at them continuously until the helicopter eventually leaves and then pick up a dropped security guard after you have taken them all out. Run towards the large gate and press CIRCLE at the console to the right of it thanks to your security card—you’ll automatically then proceed through. Objective 2 complete.

    You spend this final section of the mission escaping on skis. Take out enemies if they become too bothersome, but you can generally get through this section fairly effortlessly. Objective 3 complete.


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