1. Tomorrow Never Dies (Video Game) – Characters

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-12-27

    Tomorrow Never Dies (1999)

    Your guide to the 1999 James Bond video game Tomorrow Never Dies from Electronic Arts…


    James Bond 007
    British secret agent with a licence to kill.

    Elliot Carver
    A powerful media baron, is plotting to use his vast Carver Media Group Network resources in the hopes of triggering an international conflict between Great Britain and China. The main villain in Tomorrow Never Dies. He battles against 007 as the final boss in Mission 10: Ha Long Bay.

    Wai Lin
    A spy for the Chinese People’s External Security Force and James Bond’s ally. Players control Wai Lin for Mission 9: Market District, Saigon. She also must be rescued by 007 in Mission 10: Stealth Boat, Ha Long Bay.

    Paris Carver
    Wife of villain Elliot Carver and also a former acquaintance of James Bond. 007 first encounters her during a rendezvous in Mission 3: Carver Media, Hamburg. They meet again in Mission 5: Hotel Atlantic, Hamburg.

    Mr. Stamper
    Chief henchman of Elliot Carver and protege of Dr. Kaufman. James Bond must battle Mr. Stamper in Mission 10: Ha Long Bay before moving on to deal with Carver.

    Henry Gupta
    A techno-terrorist currently employed by Elliot Carver. James Bond must retrieve his briefcase as one of the mission objectives in Mission 4: Pressing Engagement.

    Dr. Kaufman
    Dr. Kaufman is a professor of forensic medicine and a professional marksman as well as an employee of villain Elliot Carver.

    A terrorist associate of Elliot Carver. He serves as the final boss James Bond must contend with in Mission 7: Ski Ridge, Hokkaido.

    MI6 Q Branch Quartermaster who provides James Bond with a BMW after they rendezvous in Mission 6: Convoy, Swiss Alps.

    James Bond’s superior at MI6. 007 contacts him in Mission 10: Stealth Boat, Ha Long Bay to learn of the capture of ally Wai Lin.

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