1. EON & MGM/UA Debunk Zeta Jones & Beyond The Ice

    By David Winter on 2001-01-30

    From, EON and MGM/UA have posted another message in regards to rumours about Bond 20. This lot of denial comes as no surprise to me. Of course there is the usual denial of the title being “Beyond The Ice” but still no media agencies seem to pay any attention. And the news about Catherine Zeta Jones also doesn’t surprise me as she’d already denied it herself. The official statements flows as such:

    “EON Productions and MGM/UA want to confirm that there is no truth in therumour currently circulating in the media that Catherine Zeta-Jones hasbeen screen tested for a role in the next James Bond film. Furthermore,there is no truth in the statement that we are planning to make a film inwhich James Bond will be played by a female actress. We would also like toadd that the title of the next James Bond film will not be “Beyond The Ice”.”

    Plain and simple. One interesting thing though, they’re yet to deny that Bond 20 will include a guest appearance by former United States President (I say former cause the new one is a schmuck) Bill Clinton. 🙂