1. Tomorrow Never Dies (Video Game) – Weapons, Gadgets & Items

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-12-25

    Tomorrow Never Dies (1999)

    Your guide to the 1999 James Bond video game Tomorrow Never Dies from Electronic Arts…


    The PK7 is your standard issue firearm. It is reliable, efficient, and comes equipped with a silencer. The PK7 comes equipped with an unlimited ammo supply.

    Sniper Rifle
    The Sniper Rifle is a precision-shooting device. Though somewhat bulky, it can be used to take down enemies from a great distance with its high-powered scooping ability. The Sniper Rifle uses 10-round clips.

    Assault Rifle
    This loud, but effective, automatic weapon is a favorite of Carver’s henchmen. Use it in situations when you must face multiple enemies and stealth is not required. The Assault Rifle uses 30-round clips.

    Auto 9mm
    Similar to the assault rifle with one exception, the Auto 9mm is a handgun. The Auto 9mm uses 30-round clips.

    SMG 45
    The SMG 45 is a sub machine gun offering the fastest fire rate in your arsenal. It uses 30-round clips.

    Gas Bombs
    These chemical bombs create a small, poisonous cloud upon impact.

    GL 40 Grenade Launcher
    The GL 40 is a grenade launcher that disperses contact explosives. The GL 40 uses a 12-round ammo drum. It is a murder weapon that can kill bosses in one straight up hit.

    Rocket Launcher
    This high-powered, long range weapon fires explosive rockets. It is an excellent choice for clearing enemy turrets and road blocks.

    Infrared Sniper Rifle
    Similar to the standard Sniper Rifle, with the added benefit of an infrared scope. The range of this weapon is a bit shorter than the Sniper Rifle.

    STK Mines
    Also known as “sticky mines”, these explosive charges are launched from a gun and cling to a target. Once in place, use the STK Detonator to set off an explosion.


    Laser Designator
    Use this compact unit to electronically paint a “hot spot” on a specified target and help air strike units hone in on the desired bombing location.

    These seemingly harmless items contain powerful explosives and can be used to produce a powerful shock wave large enough to shatter 1″ thick polycarbonate, bullet-proof glass.

    Satellite Link Camera
    Used primarily in reconnaissance missions, this handy gadget digitally relays images to an M.I.6 satellite. In the process, a global position for a target can also be established.

    Fingerprint Scanner
    In some instances, the fingerprint scanner can be used to open locked security

    STK Mine Detonator
    Used to detonate STK Mines. When the mine is in place, press SQUARE to set off
    an explosion.

    Med Kit
    When used, a Med Kit partially replenishes your Health Meter.


    Small Med Kit
    Adds one Med Kit to your inventory.

    Large Med Kit
    Adds two Med Kits to your inventory.

    Light Armor
    Increases your damage resistance by 25%. Each hit you take reduces your armor by 10%.

    Heavy Armor
    Increases your damage resistance by 100%. Each hit you take reduces your armor by 10%.

    Ammo Clip
    Adds ammunition to a specific weapon.

    Case of Ammo
    Adds ammunition to every weapon you are holding.

    Adds one life to your Continues Counter.

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