1. Editorial: Are We All Happy Now

    By daniel on 2002-03-12

    Well I woke up this morning (it's Australia, hence, Wednesday March 13) with the best birthday present (March 13 is my birthday!); the Bond 20 title! Die Another Day.

    We've heard them all haven't we? Way back in 2000 we heard Beyond The Ice, then sometime later we were put through Beneath The Ice, Beneath The Sea and Cold Eternity. Of course there were others, Juggernaugt, Final Assignment… Really the list is endless.

    But today we finally had the title announced. And is it a good title? You bet. I'm not going to pan past titles, everyone has their favourites and their dislikes. But there's something about Die Another Day which is really good. It's not entirely Fleming, one could imagine that Fleming would have penned To Die Another Day much like he didn't pen A View To A Kill, rather, he penned From A View To A Kill. No matter though, as the title is still Flemingesque.

    It's good to see Die Another Day in full production now, finally with a title. Though it was late, I'm sure you'll concur, it's a great title.