1. The Chase Begins…

    Vic Armstrong and the second unit of "Die Another Day", Are currently filming a dramatic car chase on a frozen lake in Iceland. The chase is to involve snow-bikes, Gustav Grave's Jaguar XKR Roadster (special edition), and the amazing Aston Martin V12 Vanquish.

    Reports suggest that a stuntman is doubling for Rosamund Pike, who is playing Miranda Frost. This is not the first time a male has doubled for a female character in Bond. In GoldenEye, the pilot, who flew the tiger attack helicopter, had to have make-up, a wig, (and the rest), to make himself, look convincingly, like Famke Jannsenn's character; Xenia Onnatop.

    This fantastic picture, shows the V12 Vanquish pulling a skid on the frozen lake, as you can see ice is being sliced from the ground, and flicked up at the camera. This sequence looks like it could be a much more exciting, more action-packed version of the chase from The Living Daylights.

    Be sure to leave your thoughts in this thread, that "Tim007" has stated. More pictures are available at "Absolutley James Bond".

    David Winter @ 2002-03-12
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