1. The Chase Begins…

    By David Winter on 2002-03-12

    Vic Armstrong and the second unit of "Die Another Day", Are currently filming a dramatic car chase on a frozen lake in Iceland. The chase is to involve snow-bikes, Gustav Grave's Jaguar XKR Roadster (special edition), and the amazing Aston Martin V12 Vanquish.

    Reports suggest that a stuntman is doubling for Rosamund Pike, who is playing Miranda Frost. This is not the first time a male has doubled for a female character in Bond. In GoldenEye, the pilot, who flew the tiger attack helicopter, had to have make-up, a wig, (and the rest), to make himself, look convincingly, like Famke Jannsenn's character; Xenia Onnatop.

    This fantastic picture, shows the V12 Vanquish pulling a skid on the frozen lake, as you can see ice is being sliced from the ground, and flicked up at the camera. This sequence looks like it could be a much more exciting, more action-packed version of the chase from The Living Daylights.

    Be sure to leave your thoughts in this thread, that "Tim007" has stated. More pictures are available at "Absolutley James Bond".