1. The Real James Bond

    By David Winter on 2002-03-10

    Bond fans in the United Kingdom, will be able to watch "The Real James Bond", a documentary about James Bond's creator Ian Fleming. The program will be broadcast: Tuesday at 9pm (GMT), on "Channel 4". The program is set to examine the public image of the writer, and is to explore the troubled phyche which lurked beneath the veneer of the upper-class gentleman, whom died in 1964, aged 56.

    Ian Fleming will always be associated with his most famous creation – 007, however it seems that unlike Bond, Fleming, a former naval-intelligence officer, was deeply shy, and had complex, even emotionally destructive relationships with women.

    Dont miss this chance to gain an insight into the man who created the 007 franchise. Interviews with many of the 007 – stars, and members of the Fleming familly, can be expected, and maybe a mention on the authors who have carried on his work, such as the present 007 author – Raymond Benson. A must see for any Bond-fan.