1. Dial M for M

    By Luke Freeman on 2002-03-08

    Having seen all of the Bond films numerous times I have recently developed a theory, a theory that you may find shocking and disturbing. A theory that initially may be scoffed at, causing humiliation to whoever suggests it, but when you analyze the circumstances, evidence can be found, and strong evidence at that. This evidence supports what many judge as outrageous, perhaps even distressing.

    My theory is that there was a double Agent inside MI6, inside the British Secret Service, who was really working for SPECTRE. Nothing out of the ordinary you may thing, but what if I told you that the agent was none other than the original ‘M’, aka Admiral Sir Miles Messervy? I know what you are thinking, how stupid is this? M was loyal to his country, to the service, he must have been!! But please, let me continue, I may just change your opinion. There is evidence to support this claim and it dates right back to the beginning…

    In Doctor No M makes Bond change weaponry, from a gun he has used for “nearly 10 years”, a gun that Bond was used to, surely this is disadvantaging Bond. So what? You may be asking, but wait, there is more to come. From Russia with Love sees M send Bond into what is obviously a trap. Look at the first scenes when Blofeld is talking to Kronsteen, somehow SPECTRE knew that the British would send Bond, M was helping them out here. And what about Thunderball, M originally has Bond going far away from the Bahamas, where Largo actually is. Why would M keep Bond, who he acknowledges in this film as amoung the best, away from where SPECTRE are. Of course when Bond requests to go to the Bahamas, M cant refuse, it would look suspicious.

    And then there’s OHMSS, first when M takes Bond of the assigmnet, then towards the end, where M wont let Bond go after Blofeld, who had Tracey and was demanding to be acknowledged as a Count. And don’t forget about Diamonds are Forever. M sent Bond to Holland, while Blofeld was far away living it up in the glitz and glamour Las Vegas, with Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Junior. Seems M is doing his bit to help SPECTRE out, and none of this happens when its villains other than SPECTRE, very suspicious if you ask me.

    But perhaps the real telling evidence is in For Your Eyes Only. Bond finally kill Blofeld, dropping him off a helicopter into a smoke stack. With Blofeld dead SPECTRE is no more, and guess what? In the very next scene Moneypenny informs Bond that M is on leave. If my hunch is correct, this was just M’s cover, M has now lost his employer in Blofeld, and has gone to find a new employer, allowing him to continue to spy on the British and sabotage missions for his new employer. (Was Miss Moneypenny in on M’s dealings? Perhaps she used her knowledge to blackmail M into getting rid of his new secretary Miss Smallbone after Octopussy. How else could she hold the job for 27 years, when we rarely actually see her do any work? I mean, she keeps make up in the filing cabinet).

    A suggestion that he now has shifted from SPECTRE to the KGB can be supported by his newfound friendliness towards General Gogal, who seems to appear more and more during this time. Perhaps the Minister of Defence was geeting sus, he seems to hang around M at briefings alot more during this time. Finally in Licence to Kill, in one last sabotage attempt, M accepts Bonds resignation without giving it the fight that you would expect from a boss for his most successful employer. Now there is one piece left of the puzzle, why M doesn’t feature after Licence to Kill. The answer is simple; he was caught and executed (or at least beaten severly with a two by four) by the British for his Double Agent crimes.

    So there you have it, a theory that on the surface seems illogical and impossible, but when you dig below the surface, you find evidence. Perhaps inconclusive, perhaps coincidental , but still evidence, from six different films that all point to something that you just can’t ignore, the possibility that M was a double agent.

    Until next time,