1. The Future – A New Director, A New Bond…

    By David Winter on 2002-03-07

    Director; Baz Luhrmann, famous for directing last years "Moulin Rouge", and the Leonardo Di Caprio film "Romeo And Juliet", has spoken out about projects he would be interested in directing sometime in the future. He spoke about what the next decade could mean for his career, and provided the following infomation, on the possibility of directing a future Bond:

    “I think to myself I’d love to do a James Bond film!” "Wouldn’t that be fun? But I have to think not really what I want to do, but what do I need to do to continue making life rich so that I can grow in the journey. I think if I ever let go of that (way of thinking), I might be worried. Now, that could manifest itself and it might be that I NEED to make a James Bond film. That could happen. I REALLY need to make a James Bond film. Anything could happen.”

    Baz, has spoken about the possibility in past, in an interview that was aired upon the release of "Moulin Rouge", he said "there has been a musical element lacking from the Bond films", and that he thought he could bring that back. Whether – we could expect Bond out-singing his foes in Bond 21, seems unlikely, however in the end it comes down to what the public want, and if the producers would allow a change to famous Bond formula.

    On another note; if Baz were to get his wish, and direct a future Bond, then it could seem likely that "Ewan McGregor", who a few days ago was tipped to be the next Bond, by former-007-actor: Sir. Roger Moore, who spoke of him as "very good looking", and telling the press that he has the right qualities for the part, and could bring a fresh approach to the character.