1. Bond 20 Merchandise Available For Pre-Order Now!

    By daniel on 2002-03-07

    Bond 20 is months away, no products have been released for sale yet, but trust SpyGuise to be able to have some of them available for pre-order already! Personally, I think my Credit Card is just about to get a work out.

    So what items do SpyGuise have? Well…

    With Bond 20 surely to be huge make sure you pre-order your items now! I've already pre-ordered my very own Aston Martin Vanquish, both models! Face it, it's the closest I'm going to get to driving one!

    So pop on over to SpyGuise and pre-order the items now. Which have all become our Must Buy Item! If you're looking for details on some of the items, check out this news article!