1. Zeta Jones Reamerges for Bond 20…

    By daniel on 2001-01-27

    Everynow and then we get some strange reports. This is one of them. Of course just because it’s strange doesn’t means it’s false, but that doesn’t mean it’s true either.

    Cindy Adams’ column in The New York Post reports that the producers behind the next Bond adventure want Catherine Zeta-Jones to takeover as the ‘first female 007’ when Brosnan’s contract is up after the next film.

    Strange enough angle on the film. Would they really consider a Jane Bond with the series going so well? I personally doubt it.

    The column has also repeated the old news that “she [Zeta Jones] tested for ‘Beyond the Ice'” and Kevin Spacey has been rumoured to be playing one of the villains in the film. A source at Eon Productions is also quoted as saying;

    “Feisty, independent, beautiful. A deadly combination for a glamorous spy. Schedule permitting, she’s our girl”.

    Aside from Cindy Adams’ article on Zeta Jones other media networks have been reporting similair news. Great Britains Channel 4 has the same story but also adds that Zeta-Jones’ audition for “Beyond the Ice” was for the role of 008 but she declined in favour for the title role in the future.

    The future may be a long way off for Zeta Jones.