1. The World is not Enough celebrates 10 years (Part I)

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-12-01

    As The Countdown Begins For The New Millienum There Is Still One Number You Can Always Count On…

    The World is not Enough – 10 Years On

    PART I

    Late November 2009 marked the 10th anniversary of Pierce Brosnan’s third James Bond film, 1999’s The World is not Enough. The nineteenth adventure in the official Eon-produced 007 series, the twisting and turning storyline concentrated on Bond overlooking the daughter of Sir Robert King, an oil tycoon and personal friend of ‘M’—but as 007 soon discovers, appearances can be deceiving.

    The World is not Enough originally opened in the US on 19 November 1999 (following an 8 November premiere). The UK premiere was held on 22 November while the general release followed a few days later on the 26th.

    The World is not Enough generated an opening weekend box-office gross of $35.5 million in the US and eventually grew to $126 million in total. Worldwide (including the US), the film eventually grossed $361 million, becoming the highest grossing film in the James Bond series until the release of Die Another Day three years later.

    Despite the film’s general success at the box-office, reviews from fans and critics alike was and remains uneven. Reflecting the general split down the middle in opinion amongst film critics, The World is not Enough currently holds a 51% approval rating on the popular movie review website Rotten Tomatoes. The film also has the tendancy (or talent, perhaps?) of sparking heated reaction (both positive and negative) when it comes up for discussion on the Discussion Forums.

    Taking into account the 10th anniversary of the film, asked our forum members to recall their first (or most memorable) time seeing The World is not Enough. To share your own remembrance, simply register here (it’s free and only takes a minute) on the CBn Forums.

    'The World is not Enough'

    Remembering The World is not Enough by… DaveBond21

    Whenever I think of the build-up to the release of The World is Not Enough, the first thing I always think of is the early rumours about the plot, way back in the January of 1999.

    I was travelling around Australia and Asia, but keeping up to date with Bond happenings through the International Express newspaper (this was the olden days before CBn!). I remember one article where insiders stated that there was going to be an explosion at MI6 Headquarters, M was going to be kidnapped and Q was going to die! They apparently had proof that Q was definitely dead – an insider said “We’ve seen them filming the funeral, they had the coffin and everything!”. Not only that, Bond was going to need a psychiatrist. He needed to talk about his need to kill people!

    Well, some of this turned out to be true, and some of it turned out to be nonsense, but it was great to see the finished movie in early December 1999. I went with my girlfriend at the time to see the movie in Slough. What an exotic location to see a 007 flick!

    I always remember being blown away by the excellent Thames boat chase. There was some laughter when those famous traffic cops (The Clampers) from the BBC TV show got a good soaking by the boats! After that, there was the wonderful, moving Merlin-&-Arthur-like farewell to Q (made even more poignant three weeks later when Desmond Llewelyn had been killed in a car crash), the ski chase, Denise Richards in a tank top, and more stunts and explosions. M was indeed kidnapped but managed to escape turning an alarm clock into a beacon (Judi Dench’s husband, the late Michael Williams commented, “Oh God, the world’s in trouble if you’re using the gadgets!”), and an exciting if overlong finale.

    All in all, it was an excellent movie, and Bond was back once again! All that was left was to find our favourite Italian restaurant and drink some lovely red wine to celebrate that 007 had saved the day again!

    Remembering The World is not Enough by… PPK_19

    The World is Not Enough was the first Bond film I saw in the cinema. I was 12 years old at the time, and as soon as I saw Bond press the detonator button on his glasses, and take out all the men in the room, I knew this was the franchise I had to get into!

    The fact that he made a smooth and calculated escape through the window using the cord from the blinds was just the icing on the cake.

    The boat chase on the Thames made my jaw drop, especially watching Brosnan fall on to the Millennium Dome and tumble down it… just perfect cinema for a young boy.

    Remembering The World is not Enough by… Eric Stromberg

    Saw it opening weekend and it was a memorable event, more so because I was seeing the film with my soon to be fiance! I remember feeling the movie was a bit flat and I did not like it as much as Tomorrow Never Dies.

    Having watched Tomorrow Never Dies and The World is not Enough recently, Tomorrow Never Dies surprised me by its flatness and The World is not Enough surprised me by how good it is. It’s definitely not one of my top favorites, but I like it and the pre-titles sequence is possibly the best in the series. The banker’s office and Thames boat chase are damned cool. I particularly love the colorless freeze frame of Bond hanging from that wire as the titles sequence begins.

    The film begins to lose me a bit with the over the top ski chase and I think Renard could be better written and developed. People seem to dislike the lighthouse lair but I thought it was perfect for his character. M’s kidnapping just has never worked for me. I don’t really like seeing her out in the field; that’s her operative Bond’s territory.

    With a couple of minor creative changes and a better casting of the December Jones role I think this could have been one of the best 007 films. Of the Brosnan films it is has the most satisfying plot (you have to work to keep up with this one). Bond has some skin in the game with regard to his relationship to Elektra and I liked that he didn’t just breeze through unscathed.

    Remembering The World is not Enough by… Zorin Industries

    I saw it on a Sunday morning at an Eon screening. I saw it in the best screen possible to see a film in (Screen One, Empire, Leicester Square), but it wasn’t the best film.

    Remembering The World is not Enough by… jrcjohnny99

    I saw it at the Odeon, Leicester Square, the week I returned from living in KSA for two years; I had really high expectations given the third outings from Sean and Roger, the great Robert Carlyle was in it and I was in love with Denise Richards at the time (Wild Things anyone!). However, I found it a real disappointment and I still do to this day. In fact, if anything, it’s one of the Bond movies that I like less with every viewing.

    The pre-titles sequence was great, Arnold’s score was solid and the plotting had promise; but… Marceau was mis-cast, Carlyle was wasted, the role for Richards was horribly written and she was clearly out of her depth, the title song is bland and there’s way too much of Dench…

    Remembering The World is not Enough by… Safari Suit

    Come to think of it I have more nostalgic memories of The World is not Enough‘s release than I realised.

    It was the first Bond movie to be released after I say I’d become a fan. I was very aware of Tomorrow Never Dies‘ release and had a certain amount of interest, but I wouldn’t say I was a fan at the time, plus it was rated 12 and I totally never blagged my way into 12 films so I didn’t see it. The World is not Enough was the first Bond movie in my lifetime for which I was eligible for admission, bar the PG Living Daylights when I was about six months old.

    I had acquainted myself, much as most kids who had an N64, with the GoldenEye game, and the summer of 99 saw ITV’s “Double-o-heaven” season including the Licence to Kill airing I trace my fandom back to today. For my 13th Birthday, about a week after The World is not Enough hit UK cinemas, I recieved a copy of the Moonraker novel and I think a couple of videos too.

    I remember the rumours this would be Desmond Llewelyn’s last film and that John Cleese’s charcater introduced here would be his successor. I remember hearing of Llewelyn’s passing on the radio in my grandad’s car.

    I remember my then neighbour’s dad asking me if I planned to see the new Bond movie. I said I wasn’t sure as I didn’t think it would be as good as some of the older ones, to which he replied “What! It’s supposed to be the best one ever!” Who his source was on that one is anybody’s guess.

    Having rambled all that off I should perhaps now mention I didn’t see The World is not Enough in cinemas.

    My first viewing? On TV. I fell asleep.

    Remembering The World is not Enough by… Bryce (003)

    It was the first Bond party I had in my new home. August of that year.

    While the movie lacked a bit, it was still Bond and the pre-titles sequence had everyone cheering. The evening rounded out with all of us back at the new Casa Bryce and chowing down on Indian food.

    Fun night.


    *digs through computer*


    Me and few ladies from that night.

    Yeah, I know, the Hell that is my life.

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