1. Very Interesting Update On The Official Site

    By daniel on 2002-03-07

    The official James Bond site has today updated with various news. However, it's the pictures which will really raise eyebrows.

    To begin with, the official site has sadly confirmed that actor Michael Kitchen, who plays Bill Tanner in the Pierce Brosnan Bond films, will not be returning to Bond 20. Unfortunately, the actor is busy with other work. For the 20th Bond film and the 40th Annivesary fans are sure to see the absence as a sad thing. Kitchen was also forced to not work on Tomorrow Never Dies due to a scheduling conflict.

    Michael Madsen has been confirmed as "playing an NSA agent named Falco" in Bond 20, a fact that CommanderBond.Net had reported earlier in the week. The characters full name will be Damian Falco. Of Falco's relationship with Bond the site has commented that "Falco doesn’t start the film as one of Bond’s biggest fans but I am confident that 007 will win him over".

    Now onto the pictures, and the spoilers;

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    The most interesting picture is of Pierce Brosnan and Michael Madsen.

    Now let’s begin with Michael Madsen’s picture (the right-hand frame). Now, to the best of my knowledge few external scenes have been filmed outside of the pre-title sequence. The picture of Madsen seems to be from the pre-title sequence and who would be the people in the fatigues? And why have their faces been cropped from the photo? Two possibilities exist. The first is that this photo is from the scene where Bond is handed over to the American’s after being held in captivity, this occurs after the titles.. The other is that this photo is from the pre-title sequence and that the cropped faces are actually North Korean soldiers. Such a possibility would prove that Falco is indeed Bond 20’s “traitor”.

    Onto the photo of Brosnan. What a photo. And what an exciting photo to discuss! Well where do we begin. Take a look at Brosnan’s left hand. He’s holding the Walther P99 in it. However, notice the gun is dismantled for cleaning.

    Some Bond 20 Forum users have speculated that in this scene Bond is in M’s Office. The similarities are there, however, I believe this is actually Bond’s office at MI6, a notion that would surely excite fans. My reasoning is based on two facts; 1) Would the stylish 007 ever enter M’s office in such a state of undress? Notice his shirt is open at the neck and his tie has been loosened. 2) If Bond did enter M’s office in such a state, for whatever reason, would he then drape his jacket across the back of a chair in her office? The obvious answer to both of these questions is no.

    Other ideas to think of about the shot of Brosnan; Who’s reflection is that in the window to the photos right? And what is the sudden disturbance that Bond is looking towards? I believe this shot is a part of a scene I’ve been hinting towards for quite some time now. I’ll have more details in a spy report coming soon!

    Other news on the page includes the lyrics to The Man With The Golden Gun (who knows why!!) and the well-known fact that TWINE Stunt Co-ordinator Simon Crane won't be working on Bond 20.

    No doubt you're going to want to discuss this news, especially the photo of Pierce Brosnan. So you can do so in this thread of the Bond 20 Forums. See you there!