1. More Pictures From Holywell Bay

    By daniel on 2002-03-06

    Adam checks in today with these further pictures from Holywell Bay. There's little commentry here, so we're not issuing a spoiler warning. Everything we'll mention is either obvious or has been mentioned in some way on the official site.

    Finished Contruction of Buidling Belonging to Colonel Moon's

    Another Shot of Colonel Moon's Building

    A Sign (In Korean) At The Base. If Anyone Has A Translation Please Send It To [email protected]

    Defensive Pill Box And Tank Traps

    Excellent Shot of Korean Soldier Patrolling Base

    Two Other Korean Soldiers Patrolling Base

    A Shot Of The Base While It Was Still Under Construction

    Some excellent photos there! Again a big thanks to Adam. When we finally see Bond 20 one of the wonders is going to be comparing the building photos we have to the finished film product!