1. Summary

    By Evan Willnow on 2002-03-06

    Released on 16 March 1964, You Only Live Twice was the last James Bond novel to be completed before Ian Fleming’s death. Powerful and original, You Only Live Twice was also one of Fleming’s best.

    You Only Live Twice

    The high-voltage thriller that topped the New York Times bestseller list for over five months


    that takes 007 the the exotic Orient…to the suicide gardens of the manical Dr. Shatterhand…and the arms of the most enticing heroine Fleming ever created, the delightful KISSY SUZUKI.

    -Back of Signet paperback edition

    “As I have said, there are a number of foreigners who have taken up residence in Japan, and for the most part, they are inoffensive eccentrics. But there is one such person who entered the country in January of this year who has revealed himself to be an eccentric of the most devilish nature. This man is a monster. You may laugh, Bondo-san, but this man is no less than a fiend in human form.”

    “I have met many bad men in my time, Tiger, and generally they have been slightly mad. Is that the case in this instance?”

    “Very much the reverse. The calculated ingenuity of this man, his understanding of the psychology of my people, show him to be a man of quite outstanding genius. In the opinion of our highest scholars and savants, he is a scientific research worker and a collector probably unique in the history of the world.”

    “What does he collect?”

    “He collects death.”

    – Chapter 6, You Only Live Twice

    “It is better to travel hopefully . . .

    1. Scissors Cut Paper
    2. Curtains for Bond?
    3. The Impossible Mission
    4. Dikko on the Ginza
    5. Magic 44
    6. Tiger, Tiger!
    7. The Death Collector
    8. Slay It with Flowers
    9. Instant Japan
    10. Advanced Studies
    11. Anatomy Class

    . . . than to arrive”

    1. Appointment in Samarra
    2. Kissy Suzuki
    3. One Golden Day
    4. The Six Guardians
    5. The Lovesome Spot
    6. Something Evil Come this Way
    7. Oubliette
    8. Blood and Thunder
    9. Obit
    10. Sparrows’ Tears

    The events of
    You Only
    Live Twice


    Friday 31 August 1962
    April 1963

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