1. First: Halle Berry On The Late Late Show

    By daniel on 2002-03-05

    Actress Halle Berry's interview with Craig Kilborn on The Late Late Show has just finished and Mister Asterix sends us in some details. To begin with, a tad of humour, Berry wishes her character was actually called Cinnamon Buns! However, all we really know of Berry's character is that she is called Jinx. Whether that is her full name or not is yet to be learnt.

    However, that's not the greatest detail. Berry has revealed that she will travel to both Iceland and Spain to film scenes for Bond 20. It was previously thought that no filming with actors such as Berry or Pierce Brosnan would be conducted overseas.

    And that's all that was mentioned about Bond in the interview. Thanks again to Mister Asterix for sending it in.