1. Bond 20 Title Finally Revealed?

    By David Winter on 2002-03-04

    It has been known for a long time now that the owner of Omega, SWATCH have been hard at work designing a 20 piece watch collection for the James Bond series.

    Today, SWATCH have updated their product listing claiming that the title for the 20th James Bond website, is as The Sun reported almost a year ago; BEYOND THE ICE.

    No comment has yet been made by Eon productions, the makers of the Bond films, and it remains uncertain whether or not they will make an announcement. On Sunday, Michael G. Wilson, producer of Bond 20, told the BBC that the title was going through its final legal stages, and a decission had been made. He told them, that he had a "pretty good idea" of what the title is to be.

    Now after 3 years of guessing on what the title of Bond 20 could be, it seems that this chapter of Bond history may finnaly be coming to a close. All signs point to the Bond 20 title being: BEYOND THE ICE.

    Please feel free to discuss the news in this thread which James has started.