1. Samantha Bond On British Television

    By David Winter on 2002-03-04

    Samantha Bond, better known to Bond fans as the current; Miss Moneypenny, will be starring in a crime drama tonight on British television.

    She will be playing the part of a "National Crime Squad" agent in an episode of "NCS: ManHunt". The episode will be shown at 9:00pm (GMT) tonight on BBC1. The BBC provide the following description of the episode:

    "Supt. Bob Beausoleil makes a TV appeal for help with a series of contract killings, but the intense pressure on the squad for fast results in the case leads to tragedy. W/S. Contains graphic violence."

    From footage shown on commercials for the show, we can be sure that Samantha will be seeing some heavy action, and as mentioned above; "graphic violence". In commercials she can be seen in many scenes with a side-arm (i.e. pistol), and will be on the hunt for cold-blooded killer.

    UPDATE… (4/3/02)
    Samantha gave a great performance in "NCS: Manhunt". One particular scene showed her interrogating a murder witness, she gave a really believable performance in this scene, and after she found a collection of kinky toys, she tries to really make the witness crack, and confess what she saw.

    As for her gun-wielding scenes, well, we did not get to see her shooting anyone, but she did whip out her side-arm every now and again. If she is indeed taking the character of Moneypenny "a little bit further" (as reported on JamesBond.COM) then we can only hope that she performs as well as last night. Her character was quite complex in some scenes and fantastically performed by Samantha Bond.

    The next episode will be shown tonight at the same time as the previous episode.