1. Michael Madsen Interviewed About Bond 20

    By daniel on 2002-03-04

    MovieHole have just scored an exclusive interview with Michael Madsen, who is currently busy filming James Bond 20 in Britain. And it's a hell of an interview, one that is spoiler filled.

    To begin with Madsen confirms long time speculation that his character's name is Falco. However, that's just his surname. His full name is Damian Falco. The official word that Madsen was a CIA agent isn't entirely true, Madsen reveals that his character is actually head of the NSA.

    So how does Damian Falco become invovled with James Bond of the British Secret Service? Well it's a major spoiler and a bit of speculation on my part. But trust me, you read it here first.

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    Damian Falco is the traitor in James Bond 20.

    How have I arrived at this conclusion? Well Madsen reveals that James Bond is sent undercover to investigate ‘shady’ deals between North Korean Colonel Moon and Damian Falco. CommanderBond.Net has reported about such a deal in the past. Falco is apparently selling high-tech weaponry to Colonel Moon. In the pre-title sequence Bond is sent to investigate and is subsequently captured. But how is Bond captured?

    Well my personal theory is that Falco sells him out. Madsen has revealed that a lot of his “scenes are with Judi Dench” who plays M. Is seems possible that M unwittingly reveals details to Falco about Bond’s mission? Perhaps MI6 believe it’s a joint operation between the NSA and MI6 to uncover the traitor within the NSA, however, they don’t realise that the traitor is actually Damian Falco, the head of the NSA. Hence, Falco is able to tip-off Colonel Moon.

    That aside, Madsen has also confirmed he’s been learning to surf. The surfing action sequence is confirmed to be a part of the pre-title sequence in Bond 20. Rumour has it that it’s a secret training exercise conducted by Colonel Moon. We’ve learnt that it takes place at night and all the surfers are wearing high-tech suits. It now seems that both Bond and Falco are two of these surfers.

    Spoilers aside, Madsen has described his character as a pivotal one. "It’s not a big role but it’s somewhat pivotal in that it introduces a new recurring character." A new recurring character? James Bond 20 just got really interesting. Speculate away as to who that character is. It's quite possible that Madsen is actually referring to his own character, Falco, as in the same interview he says "I’ll be returning in Bond 21!". Amazing news there, the likes of which Bond fans haven't heard in quite some time!

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    And if you're interested in the role of the NSA. Well it can be summed up in their mission statement; "The ability to understand the secret communications of our foreign adversaries while protecting our own communications — a capability in which the United States leads the world — gives our nation a unique advantage.". Thanks to Brett for sending that in!