1. Summary

    By Evan Willnow on 2002-03-03

    In early 1963 another of Ian Fleming’s master creations arrived. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service gave us a tale that pits James Bond against against his arch-nemesis and brings him something that his fans never thought he would have, a wife.

    In a Closely guarded bastion of evil high in the Swiss Alps ERNST STAVRO BLOFELD, puts the finishing touches to a most fiendish plot involving ten beautiful and ingenuous girls . . . to a most diabolical plot for murder on a mass scale. Only one man can stop him and that man is Blofeld’s archenemy–secret agent JAMES BOND.

    -Inside of Signet paperback edition

    ‘The coat of arms, for instance. Surely that must concern you, be at least of profound interest to your family, to your own children? Yes, here we are. “Argent on a chevron sable three bezants”.’ He held up the book so that Bond could see. ‘A bezant is a golden ball, as I am sure you know. Three balls.’

    Bond commented drily, ‘That is certainly a valuable bonus’ – The irony was lost on Griffon Or – ‘but I am afraid I’m still not interested. And I have no relatives and no children. Now about this man . . .’

    Griffon Or broke in excitedly, ‘And this charming motto of the line, “The World Is Not Enough”. You do not wish to have the right to it.’

    ‘It is an excellent motto which I shall certainly adopt.’ Bond said curtly. He looked pointedly at his watch. ‘Now, I’m afraid we really must get down to business. I have to report back to my Ministry.’

    – Chapter 6, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

    1. Seascape With Figures
    2. Gran Turismo
    3. The Gambit Of Shame
    4. All Cats Are Grey
    5. The Capu
    6. Bond Of Bond Street
    7. The Hairy Heel Of Achilles
    8. Fancy Cover
    9. Irma La Not So Douce
    10. Ten Gorgeous Girls
    11. Death For Breakfast
    12. Two Near Misses
    13. Princess Ruby?
    14. Sweet Dreams – Sweet Nightmare!
    15. The Heat Increases
    16. Downhill Only
    17. Bloody Snow
    18. Fork Left For Hell!
    19. Love For Breakfast
    20. M En Pantoufles
    21. The Man From Ag. And Fish.
    22. Something Called ‘BW’
    23. Gauloises And Garlic
    24. Blood-Lift
    25. Hell’s Delight, Etc.
    26. Happiness Without A Shadow?
    27. All The Time In The World

    The events of
    On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

    Saturday 16 September 1961
    to Monday 1 January 1962

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