1. Audio Interview With Director And Villain…

    By David Winter on 2002-03-03

    The BBC have posted an audio report on Bond 20's filming in Cornwall, which reveals the following:

    Toby Stephens and many of Bond 20's stunt doubles have spent the weekend, inside the huge Biomes, of the Eden Project in Cornwall, England, filming scenes for Bond 20. Pierce Brosnan is currently recovering from a knee injury and will return to work on Monday, but is unable to perform many of his own stunts due to high insurance costs. This means that most of Brosnan's stunts will be performed by a double, most likely by his usual look-a-like; Douglas James.

    Toby Stephens told the press that he is filming his last day at cornwall (this is the 3rd time in his career that he has filmed in Cornwall), and is then returning to London. He also spoke of how he is going to have a tough-time playing the new "Bond-Baddie", especially, as past Villains, have been portrayed so well. Stephens said that unlike previous Bond villains who simply direct their hench-man to do their dirty work, his character: Gustav Graves, will be doing alot of work for himself.

    Producer, Michael G. Wilson, who was unable to make it to Cornwall, told the press that Eon have a selection of sudgested titles for Bond 20, which are now going through a legal process. He told the BBC that he is a pretty-good idea of what the title is going to be, but he cant reveal it until the legal-situation is dealt with.

    Also Lee Tamahori, has shed some light on the plot, however its nothing new to CommanderBond.NET, who have already reported that Bond will be betrayed towards the beggining of the film.

    The report ended by saying that Bond 20 will be released in the UK on November 19th, this will clear up previous rumours of a release on November 22nd. The audio report can be heard on the BBC's website, where you can also watch views of Cornwall (including the Eden Project) on webcams. If you are interested in watching these, i can only sudgest you head over their quickly before its too late, its still a possibility that filming is still taking place.