1. Some Details From The The Press Conference

    By daniel on 2002-03-03

    A few minor details from the press conference at The Eden Project have just surfaced on Sky News, and thanks to Mr Solo we can bring them to you here first.

    Just seen a news item on Sky News regarding the press conference at The Eden Project.

    I have some bad news, it looks like the title hasnt been revealed yet.

    Just showed clips of the dome which does look very 007.

    Apparently the writers of the yet untitled film visited the site and wanted to incorporate its features.

    A very small interview with Toby Stephens who has had his hair cut and i think he has lost his moustache.

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    Toby Stephens revealed that his character has aspirations to be an olympic fencer and is an environmental friendly business man with hidden socialpathic & meglomanic feelings.

    Toby Stephens' character does sound very interesting, and we've seen the reaccurance of a past rumour. However, this time it's involved with Gustav Graves rather than Miranda Frost.

    Thanks to Mr Solo for letting us know about the news! You can discuss it in this thread of the Bond 20 Forums!