1. Pinewood Studios achieves world record movie screening

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-11-14

    Pinewood Studios achieves World Record Movie Screening

    Pinewood Studios, together with QED Productions, set a new world record for the biggest ever movie projection with its Drive-In showing of Mission: Impossible on Saturday 7 November 2009.

    The film was projected at 41.8 metres wide by 17.8 metres high onto Europe’s largest outdoor screen.

    This feat forms part of Pinewood’s current Drive-In series for the public, having temporarily converted our vast outdoor water filming facility to accommodate the screenings. The screen—measuring 73 metres wide with a total surface area of 1337.73 square metres—allows the latest computer technology to key in scenes during the edit behind the live action taking place in the water. Originally built in 1959 for the war film Sink the Bismarck!, the water tank has been used to shoot scenes for Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and The Boat That Rocked plus most recently for upcoming features Robin Hood, Gullivers Travels and Clash of the Titans.

    The largest movie screenings ever recorded have been to mass audiences in Norway and Japan. In 1996 the Oslo Spektrum’s 70mm film screening of Independence Day measured 40.24m in width, and in 2008 the Tokyo Dome played host to a 37m wide IMAX premiere of Speed Racer.

    Comments Pinewood’s Group Corporate Affairs Director Andrew Smith “We’re delighted to have played host to this world record which demonstrates our unique and unrivalled filming facilities here at Pinewood. Our Drive-In offers a spectacular movie experience and it’s proving a great way for the Studios to engage with the public. A very special thanks to QED for their wonderful technical production enabling this world record attempt to take place.”

    Filmed at Pinewood Studios, Mission: Impossible stars Tom Cruise as spy Ethan Hunt, whose mission, should he choose to accept, is to prevent the theft of a computer file from American double agents.

    Pinewood’s Drive-In is open every weekend until Sunday 6 December 2009. From The Bourne Ultimatum to Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, Slumdog Millionaire to Superman, Pinewood and its sister studio Shepperton have helped create each film in the Drive-In series.

    Tickets £35 standard / £55 VIP priced per car with up to 4 persons, available from

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