1. Title Not To Be Revealed Today?

    By daniel on 2002-03-02

    Could Bond fans suffer from more disappointment? On January the 11th a press conference went into full swing at Pinewood Studio's. And what did Bond fans learn? Very little, especially if they kept up with Bond news from sites such as CommanderBond.Net. What did every single fan complain about on January the 11th? Well the fact that no title was released.

    And it now seems that Bond fans are in for another disappointment with the possibility that the title won't be revealed today at the press conference at The Eden Project. The official invitation has just come across my desk and here it is;

    While details that we'd earlier reported, such as Toby Stephens involvement in the press conference, has proven to be true our speculation that the title may be released isn't indicated anywhere in that media briefing. It seems it was to good to be true.

    But I guess we all just have to hope, it's all we really have left. At some stage they do have to reveal a title. A film without a title, even a James Bond film, isn't a very marketable one.