1. MKBB Speculates Relevance Of Double Cross

    By daniel on 2002-02-28

    MKKBB have reported an interesting fact. If you think back to early January you'll remember that a focus group in the United States was asked about several James Bond titles, one of them was Double Cross.

    Well the MKKBB have noted that Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) have registered as a domain name. You can view the full details of the registration here.

    So will this be the Bond 20 title? Thankfully it seems not. The domain was registered last December, which possibly indicates that should the producers intend to use 'Double Cross' as the Bond 20 title then they would have announced it as the January 11 press conference.

    If you'd like to discuss the 'Double Cross' speculation please visit this thread of the Bond 20 Forums.

    Thanks to David P for letting us know!