1. Exclusive: More Pictures From The Bond 20 Set

    By daniel on 2002-02-26

    Thanks to Adam Bond 20 @ CommanderBond.Net can now bring you more exclusive pictures from the James Bond set in Cornwall. We have already posted some pictures from the set which you can view here.

    While the pictures contain no spoilers the report that accompanies them does contain spoilers, so you'll have to highlight it to read it;

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    The first picture we’ll take a look at is very similair to those previously revealed. Again the picture shows defences along the beach controlled by Colonel Moon. Since my last report I’ve learnt that the contrete pillars and the crossed steel structures are designed to stop larger objects such as tanks.

    Yet another view along the coastline. Notice here how the defences are fewer yet still move up the slope. I assume that there is forestry at the top of the slope, and if it isn’t currently there the crew will soon create it. Pictures from Aldershot and Pinewood, where linking scenes were filming, revealed trees around Colonel Moon’s base. It will be a clever way of linking the shots.

    This is a close up of Colonel Moon’s headquarters. The headquarters exterior has been constructed on top of an existing building, which is actually the local surf life saving club. You can see the sign for the life saving club in the doorway. It’s been reported to us that this exterior shell will be partially destroyed as a part of the action taking place on the beach.

    The above two shots are further pictures of Colonel Moon’s headquarters, just from different angles.

    This picture is of a pill-box that is a part of Colonel Moon’s defences. Inside would most likely be a gaurd who constantly surveys the beach. Obviously the guard would also be armed. Notice the concrete blocks that have been used to construct the pill-box? Well it’s not concrete I’ll tell you that much. On the right hand side of the image you’ll notice an orange coloured object. It’s the generator attached to the large light poles I mentioned yesterday.

    This is an inside view of the pill-box. Notice how it’s actually a wooden construction. Unless construction is incomplete it’s unlikely that we’ll get an inside view from the pill-box. If we do, that shot would have already been completed at Pinewood.

    Moving back out to sea, this is a shot of the rocks that Bond is rumoured to surf through. Some have argued that Bond will actually come through the formation on a hovercraft, however, all information to date has indicated that the hovercraft chase actually takes place on land. Colonel Moon’s base is surrounded by muddy ground.

    This is the last shot that we actually have. Notice it’s of a satellite dish that’s yet to be erected by the production crew. A similair dish has been seen at both Aldershot and Pinewood, so it’s a known feature of Colonel Moon’s base.

    Sadly, that's all the pictures we have to offer you for now. But you can be assured that if there's any news on Bond 20, you'll read it first at Bond 20 @ CommanderBond.Net

    Until then please discuss these pictures in this thread of the Bond 20 Forums! And again a big thanks to Adam for sending in the images!