1. Bond 20 Title Revealed?

    By daniel on 2002-02-25

    Back in May 2000, also known as the dark ages of Bond 20, The Mirror reported that the Bond 20 title was Beyond The Ice. While most everyone panned the title as being pure rumour it is now a commenly held belief that Beyond The Ice was to be the title of Bond 20 and was changed by producers after they learnt of the fans negative reaction to it.

    While thousands of titles have subsequently flooded the Internet since then a new one has recently emerged. Due to it's close relation to Beyond The Ice I'm inclined to report the rumour as news. But please remember, it's only rumour.

    Beneath The Ice

    Beneath The Ice is the title according to the television program 'RTL Boulevard' in Holland. The program ran a segment on Bond 20 and continually referred to Bond 20 as Beneath The Ice.

    Now there are several reasons why this may be the Bond 20 title, and equally as many as to why it may not be. For instance, if we are to believe that Beyond The Ice was the title of Bond 20 than Beneath The Ice is not a far cry from it and also a logical next step. Also Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read) ‘ice’ is obviously a reference to the Ice Cavern/Ice Palace controlled by villain Gustav Graves. A lot of people have been talking about the ‘superweapon’ that is somehow related to the base. Technically, this superweapon would be beneath the ice.

    Out of interest the Internet domain was registered on February 13 by someone from the United Kingdom. While a company such as Eon Productions didn't register the domain, when Lucas Film was registering domains for Star Wars Episode II they registered them in the names of some of their top employees in order to make them harder to track.

    There are plenty of reasons that could be highlighted as to why this is or isn't the Bond 20 title. However, I think it's worthy of reporting. I myself would be quite happy with Beneath The Ice as the Bond 20 title. We all know that the Bond 20 title has to be announced sometime soon and it's very possible that 'RTL Boulevard' have somehow caught wind of it.

    If you'd like to discuss Beneath The Ice as the title please visit this thread of the Bond 20 Forums.

    Finally a big thanks to Rolf van der Vlist from the Netherlands for sending this news in to us!