1. Great Revealing Photo From The Set Of Bond 20

    By daniel on 2002-02-25

    It was curiousity that killed the cat, but satisfaction that brought it back. So there may be some people who are reading this report who really don't want the spoiler, as a result you'll still have to highlight to read.

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    This great new picture from Bond 20 has come from ‘The Sun‘.

    I can’t really believe how excited I am to see such a photo. It seems after months of speculation that Bond does get captured for a long period of time at the end of the pre-titles sequence; this scene undoubtedly takes place after the titles.

    It was months ago now that CommanderBond.Net first revealed that at the conclusion of the pre-title sequence, after some deadly surfing and even more deadly hovercraft use, our venerable 007 would actually be captured by Colonel Moon. This pictures confirms it. Look at Bond’s long hair, beard and bloody and bruised body. Ladies and gentlement, a James Bond film has never been so promising.

    Bond is standing on a bridge The Sun reports. As rumoured Bond won’t escape from Colonel Moon, rather he will be handed back. Personally I believe this is because Colonel Moon flees to Hong Kong. Perhaps it is General Moon, Colonel Moon’s father, and an all round nice guy (we’re so far told) who orders Bond’s return to the Wst. However, while The Sun reports that Bond is handed back to the South Korean’s other reports have indicated he’ll actually be handed back to the American’s in the American part of the Demilitarised Zone of Korea. This is, perhaps, where the CIA Agent Falco (played by Michael Madsen) first enters the picture.

    Sources have also indicated that the British are unaware of Bond’s release and may actually believe him to be dead.

    On rumours, The Sun reports that Bond is handed back after ‘months’. Other 007 sites have reported that Bond will actually be held captive for ‘years’. Months seems far more plausible.

    Forgetting the Bond 20 plot, take a look at the work that has gone into Bond’s appearance. We know from press photos and logical thinking that Brosnan’s hair is nowhere near that long at present, nor is he really sporting a beard. Take a look at the bloody patch under his chin. And notice the strange pattern on his tatty top.

    I Can't Wait For Bond 20

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    Thanks to Tyler for the alert!