1. Three James Bond Calendars Available For 2003

    By daniel on 2002-02-25

    Few people will have a James Bond calendar on their walls in 2002, that's basically because there were none available. However, it's all going to be made up to James Bond fans in 2003 with three Bond calendars being made available to Bond fans.

    The three calendars are; Classic, Poster and Desktop and personally I'm excited about all three.

    The Classic Calendar will feature photos from the 40 years of James Bond. It's interesting to note in the above image of the calendar that space has been reserved for a Bond 20 image.

    The Poster Calendar will feature various images of Bond poster work, however, details of the particular posters hasn't been revealed yet.

    Few details have been revealed about the Desktop Calendar, bar that it will be spiral bound and be illustrated.

    SpyGuise does warn that the calendars will only receive one print run so numbers will be limited! To ensure that you get your calendar pre-order yours today here. Remember, once they're sold out, you're not going to get your hands on these calendars. Personally I've just pre-ordered the Desktop Calendar and the Classic Calendar. (As a note, you're not actually charged for the items until they ship later this year).

    Aside from the calendars there are some other great items available from SpyGuise.

    For instance, the new James Bond 12" Figure Range is currently on pre-order at SpyGuise. You can order a few figures or the whole range!

    For fans of the series 'Get Smart' a 12" Figure range is now available from SpyGuise as well!

    Fifty-one other new items grace the SpyGuise catalogue. Of particular interest are;

    • The James Bond Trivia Quiz Book here
    • Celebrity Sleuth here This edition is a special on Bond Girls and includes 100 pages on Bond women, many nude or semi-nude shots.
    • Diamonds Are Forever Commemorative Litho here A great new lithograph from artist Jeff Marshall!
    • Thunderball Commemorative Litho here A great new lithograph from artist Jeff Marshall!

    That's all for now! But you can be sure that when some great new items come out, will be there to tell you about it!

    And don't forget to pre-order your calendar now, you don't want to miss out!