1. Exclusive: Pictures From The Bond 20 Set

    By daniel on 2002-02-24

    Thanks to Adam A. CommanderBond.Net can now bring you some exclusive pictures from the Bond 20 sets being constructed at Holywell Bay in Cornwall. We've already seen quite a few pictures of the set to date, for instance this report has three, however, Adam brings us a completely different view.

    While the pictures contain insignificant spoilers the report that accompanies them does contain spoilers, so you'll have to highlight it to read it;

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    This first picture shows rows upon rows of defences on the beach controlled by Colonel Moon. I can’t remember the exact names of these objects, however, Britain (and I’m sure many other countries) used them in the Second World War to guard of an invasion by sea. I presume that when filming commences barbed-wire will be inserted between the objects, that wouldn’t have been added just yet for safety reasons. Additionally, take a look at the concrete pillars. They are all brand new (no more than a month old) yet notice the clever ‘ageing’ effect on them. That’s a brilliant example of movie magic.

    This second photo shows the same ‘defences’ from a slightly different angle. While this picture doesn’t highlight the enormous amount of objects constructed on the beach you should note the pylon on the left hand side of the image. It’s a large flood light that will be used for filming purposes. It could indicate many things, film crew wishing to film in ‘grey’ conditions (much like the type these photos were taken in) or that filming may take place at night. However, the truth is anyone’s guess right now.

    Again another shot showing the beach defences, however, this one looks out to sea. Pay attention to those two rock formations. It’s rumoured that Bond will ‘surf’ inbetween them as a part of the surf sequence.

    Finally is a sign that has been erected in the area by Eon Productions. Please note that I've digitally removed the phone number that was on the sign.

    That's all for today, but what of tomorrow? Well I can promise more images from Holywell Bay so please stay tuned!

    Until tomorrow please discuss these pictures in this thread of the Bond 20 Forums! And again a big thanks to Adam for sending in the images!