1. Spy Report: Now You See Me…

    By daniel on 2002-02-22

    Approximately a week ago the German media reported on some gadgets that Bond’s Aston Martin V12 Vanquish is likely to have. Well today CommanderBond.Net can exclusively reveal some details on one of those gadgets. While there is nothing to do with the Bond 20 plot included in this report some people may still consider the material spoiler related, as a result you’ll have to highlight it to read.

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    The German media agency reported that one of the gadgets on the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish makes the car ‘invisible’. Bond fans met the news with various groans, after all, the concept does sound very far fetched. However, thanks to our source Brosnan’s Hair we can now give you the facts.

    To begin with, Bond’s Vanquish does indeed become ‘invisible’ but not as you think, it’s not a matter of hitting a button and the car simply disappears. Rather, the car ‘disappears’ using a process very similar to that used by stage magicians such as David Copperfield. While Copperfield is able to make various large objects ‘disappear’ we all know that they’re still there, it’s just stage magic.

    Q-Branch has included a bit of ‘magic’ in Bond’s new Aston Martin, but we all know it’s not really magic. It’s just smoke and mirrors. No doubt this gadget will help Bond evade some villain at some stage.

    A very cool gadget there! Again, a big thank you to Brosnan’s Hair for sending in the details of the gadget!

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