1. Filming On A Cornish Beach To Begin

    By daniel on 2002-02-22

    It seems that filming on a beach in Cornwall for Bond 20 is to begin ahead of schedule, possibly as a result of Pierce Brosnan’s injury. All the filming will be conducted on the beach of Holywell Bay.

    Set construction at Holywell Bay is in full swing as pictures from the Cornish Guardian reveal. But what exactly are they constructing?

    The sets are external sets only. That is, they look like full buildings from the outside, however, there is nothing but scaffolding on the inside. This is because all internal filming for such sets is done at Pinewood Studio’s.

    While we have further details, they do include spoilers, so you’ll have to highlight them to read;

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    With the construction of sets, and the ‘planting’ of fake pine trees, the beach is being transformed into the North Korean shoreline. Presumably this North Korean Military base will belong to the villainous Colonel Moon.

    It’s really hard to say what action takes place here, however, it seems possible that footage from the pre-title surf sequence shot in Hawaii could link into this scene (Holywell Bay is after all a surf beach). Also it is known that the hovercraft action sequence will take place here, with further hovercraft filming occurring.

    Filming in Holywell Bay is expected to begin within a week, sources indicating February 28th, and you can be sure that CommanderBond.Net will have all the news as it happens!

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    Finally a big thanks to Adam A. for sending in the photos and all the news. It's greatly appreciated!