1. Bond 20 Footage On Entertainment Tonight

    By daniel on 2002-02-21

    According to Bond 20 Forum user 'Jay', footage from James Bond 20 was shown on the latest edition of 'Entertainment Tonight'. According to Jay the segment included to shots of Brosnan in Bond 20.

    The first shot was of Brosnan in a tuxedo having his camera makeup adjusted.

    The second shot was of Brosnan in an external venue. He was reportedly wearing casual clothes in this shot Spoiler Warning (Hightlight To Read) indicating that the footage may be from the pre-title sequence. Another difference between the two shots is that while in casual clothes Brosnan had stubble on his face, whereas, in the tuxedo shot he was clean shaven.

    To the best of my knowledge, the Entertainment Tonight website contains no footage from their news report.

    If anyone has details, footage, a report on the segment, anything please post it in this thread of the Bond 20 Forums or send it to me at [email protected]