1. James Bond Items At The New York Toy Fair

    By daniel on 2002-02-19

    Just over a week ago the Toy Show was held in New York and James Bond was a big feature of the event. There were several Bond related stalls including one run by Eon Productions and MGM and also another run by Sideshow Toy who have created the 12 inch collectible figure range. In fact, Bond was so present at the event both the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish and the Aston Martin DB5 were present at the event.

    The majority of the Bond related items are a result of the partnership between Eon Production and the Beanstalk Group who have been aiding in the merchandising and licensing. Of interest is the fact that the Eon/MGM stall ran a seven-minute video on Bond, the 40th Anniversary and further licensing opportunities. It is known that more products are on the way, however, it now seems that further product opportunities are being offered to companies. (As a side note, the video presented by Eon/MGM apparently brought back and excitement to Bond that has been missing for sometime, another words, Bond-mania).

    The majority of products lines revealed so far have been labelled as children’s lines (though I assure you that Bond fans old and young will be buying a lot of these products), however, there’s no need to fear as a product line aimed at adults is expected soon. And here’s what you’ll find in the children’s line.

    • Dye-cast car models of the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish, the Jaguar XKR and the Ford Thunderbird. I’m not 100% sure who is creating the presented models, however, as has reported in the past both MiniChamps and Corgi are expected to release various Bond 20 related car models.
    • 1:16 scale Remote Control car models of the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish and Jaguar XKR which is bound to be a popular item with all Bond fans. For most of us it will be the only opportunity to drive the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish.
    • a James Bond camera. I’m not sure if it’s a digital camera or a standard 35mm. There are also variations on the concept including a camera hidden in a Cola Can and an orange juice pack, true gadgets.
    • a walkie-talkie set which is referred to as a Intercom. Interestingly the full package reads Intercom Camera, does this perhaps indicate that the ‘intercom’ will transmit picture and sound?
    • James Bond Monopoly, which I think is one of the better items. Star Wars has for a long time had its own Monopoly board and it’s great to see James Bond have on too. Personally, I can’t wait to buy Blofeld’s hollowed-out volcano!
    • 3-Way Binoculars making every young fan a spy, after all, which way will he or she be looking? Only they will know!
    • a James Bond watch which appears to have an FM radio as a gadget amongst other things
    • a James Bond camcorder.

    There are plenty of other items featured in the pictures we’ve obtained, I’m not 100% what they all are though!

    The Ian Fleming Foundation has further reported that these items will also be available as a part of the childrens line;

    • Night Vision Explorer
    • Metal Detector
    • All-in-one Telescope/Microscope
    • Flashlight
    • Sonic Explorer – a long-range listening device
    • Multi-Purpose Survival Kit includes: telescope, rescue bottle with SOS, message and pen, signal mirror, torch, safety LED flasher, siren alarm, chronograph stopwatch, FM radio, compass, and a belt clip.
    • The Four-in-One Spy Kit includes a flashlight, telescope, microscope, and long-range listening device.

    Don’t forget to check out the Ian Fleming Foundation‘s website as they also have some great pictures of the items!

    The Sideshow 12 inch figure line is one I’ve been talking about for ages now and as I already mentioned Sideshow had a stall at the event. Someone who attended the event has told us that while a lot of the figures are still prototypes they look amazing! Here is a picture of the range and a close up of the Timothy Dalton prototype as proof!

    While not featured in those pictures, word has reached me that Sideshow may be planning more figures than they’ve currently announced. I’m personally looking into it and I’ll let you know more when I find out!

    Other products that could be found at the Toy Fair included the new Corgi line, which we had already reported on here. However, that's not all. Featured items include a Barbie/James Bond connection, the Swatch watches we've previously mentioned, Books, Calendars, Playing Cards and finally Eyewear! Also of interest is the fact that Richard Kiel was present at the event signing 40th Anniversary James Bond posters (more on these posters soon!)

    With all these great products coming out soon something looks promising.

    Bond-Mania May Finally Be Back!