1. JAMESBOND.COM UPDATE: Hovercraft Opening Sequence

    By David Winter on 2002-02-15

    Newsflash #7 is now up over at and gives us some great news about the hovercraft chase sequence.

    First off, Michael Wilson clears up the confusion of "Zao" – the character being played by Rick Yune. It's a Chinese surname, as Hyun Chung pointed out to Yarborough, however, Michael Wilson had the answer:

    “The Koreans we have on the picture, both cast and advisors, tell us that many people in North Korea have Chinese names. For this reason we’ve decided to use the name ‘Zao’.”

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    Yarborough doesn’t seem to tell us anything we haven’t reported, except that Will Yun Lee is a Martial Arts teacher, and that he “won’t be having too much of a problem with the fight scenes even though some of them will take place on board the hovercrafts”. I’m guessing from this, that we’ll be seeing Colonel Moon throwing punches aswell as Zao and his men.

    We learn a bit more about how Bond escapes; he jumps onto a moving hovercraft, not much more than that is clear though. But I’m guessing someone is driving the hovercraft when he does. These fight scenes are to take place on the hovercrafts aswell as anywhere else.

    Yarborough has enlightened us into how many hovercrafts will be in the sequence; 5, one large and four smaller.

    The crew had to make the smaller ones (10 in the end, I’m guessing a few are going to get a bit smashed up) from a commerical design, and was able to buy 2 larger ones.

    Some of the hovercrafts have been fitted with roll cages, and Yarborough seems to hint that these are going to be used; “Judging from the storyboards I’ve seen for this sequence, those roll bars will be very useful!”.

    We'll although not a large article by Yarborough, we do get a larger insight into, what seems to be, the greatest ever opening sequence!