1. Spy Report: Setting A Wave In Motion

    By daniel on 2002-02-11

    Another spy report comes online today, this time thanks to Brosnan’s Hair. The information deals with a gadget that will be featured in Bond 20 and used Bond; another words it comes from Q-Branch!

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    A surfing sequence has long been known to be a part of Bond 20. We’ve seen a solitary photo of action from the sequence, we’ve heard rumours that agent James Bond will be one of those people on a surfboard; we’ve also heard rumours as to why Bond is on the surfboard in the first place. But today we’re going to look at the surfboard in depth, because thanks to Brosnan’s Hair we can say that Bond’s surfboard comes from Q-Branch.

    So what does the special surfboard have? Well as we’ve reported in the past it will come with a secret compartment, which can hide a weapon. While logistics would say it would have to be a small weapon (perhaps Bond’s Walther P99) rumour has it that Bond’s opponents may actually have an array of bigger firepower indicating Bond too might need something more powerful.

    What is completely new to us is that the surfboard will have a secret engine installed in it, giving Bond the obvious advantage over the villains pursuing him.

    Resident artist Rory Couper has created the following image to give us all an idea of what this gadget may look like. You’ll have to click on it to view it.

    Again a big thanks to Brosnan’s Hair for making this report possible!