1. Bond 20 Storyboards And Sets

    By daniel on 2002-02-10

    German magazine 'Moviestar' has today published details on James Bond 20 after gaining access to Pinewood Studio's and the 007 Stage, presumably around the time of the press conference. Tim, from all time high has sent in some extracts from the article to us. Some of the details contained in the extracts could be considered spoilers, though only one deals with the plot in a very minor way.

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read

    This impression gets stronger, if you look inside the office of production designer Peter Lamont. Most of the storyboards and drafts betray a lot of scenes which will be in Bond 20. A chase by hovercraft will take place, and beyond this storyboard you can see drafts of futuristic looking armours which could be taken from “Star Wars”. Opposite you discover drafts for another gigantic building: a diamond mine under a big glass cupola.

    While previous spy reports I’ve posted have indicated the involvement of diamonds in Bond 20, a diamond mine is a completely new idea. To date, I don’t I’ve read anything along those lines. However, the “big glass cupola” does appear to have similarities with the Eden Project which has been rumoured as a filming location for Bond 20.

    Toby Stephens plays a traitorous villain called Gustav Graves.

    There is the sole plot spoiler for this report. It’s interesting to note the use of the word ‘traitorous’. Official press releases have used a similair tact saying that the characters Jinx and Miranda Frost would help Bond reveal a traitour. We’ll wait and see.

    Finally Lee Tamahori has again commented on the effects of the events of September 11 on Bond 20

    Lee Tamahori: “After September 11th most people said, ‘now we need a man like Bond’. We racked our brains, if the international situation at the moment should have influence on Bond 20. But we made the decission that we won’t reflect the up-do-date happenings, we only want to offer diversion.

    Only one new picture was featured in the article. It has been taken from outside the sets, possibly on the 007 Stage.

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