1. First: Sideshow Reveal James Bond Figure Range

    By daniel on 2002-02-10

    Sideshow Toy have just revealed their James Bond 12 inch Figure range on their official website, and we're the first to bring you the news and details!

    While Sideshow are taking pre-orders on two figures (James Bond and Dr No, both from Dr No) galleries of other characters are already online. While it's great to view these characters, it's better to know that some of them are still works-in-progress, which will allow devout Bond fans to check back in the future and notice small differences.

    Currently it seems that Sideshow will release figures from the following Bond movies;

    • Goldfinger
    • On Her Majesty's Secret Service
    • Live and Let Die
    • The Man with the Golden Gun
    • Licence to Kill

    As I mentioned before, the first two figures to be released will be Sean Connery as James Bond and Joseph Wiseman as Dr Julius No. While the figures are both already available on pre-order they won't start shipping until August 2002. The two figures will retail for US$80 and will be made as a Limited Edition. However, how many will actually be produced is yet to be decided.

    The above image is of the two figures. Both will of course come with accessories. Bond will come with a Walther PPK, a Baretta hand-gun, liquor bottle, glass and martini shaker. No will come with his radiation suit.

    Further pictures (and alternative views) of characters are available exclusively at the Sideshow Toy website. We haven't included them all here.

    That's all that we have to report now! We'll have more details for you as they surface. You can depend on to cover the 40th Annivesary of James Bond (and all the products that come with it!)