1. Minnie Driver?

    By daniel on 2000-10-05

    You can add actress Minnie Driver to your list of hopefuls for Bond 20. That’s according to ShowbizIreland anyway.

    Driver has suddenly pulled out of Michael Flatley’s upcoming film called Lord Of The Dance which is due to begin shooting this month. ShowbizIreland reports that their sources have told them the actress is trying to slate up a role as a Bond Girl in Bond 20.

    Interesting to note is the fact that Driver already has the contacts around EON Productions to get the role. Remember that girl in Zuchovsky’s bar in GoldenEye? Bond said she was strangling a cat, anyway, that’s Driver’s 20 second cameo in a Bond film. The girl already has been in a Bond movie and has the connections to go with it. Whether or not she’ll get the role is a totally different matter!

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