1. Filming Snow Scenes For Bond 20 In Norway

    By daniel on 2002-02-08

    The Norwegian newspaper 'Dagbladet' has today reported that Jostedalen in Sogn in Norway may be used as a filming location for Bond 20. The scene is question was originally meant to be filmed in Iceland, however, lack of snow of all things has forced the 2nd Unit to look elsewhere to films parts of the scene.

    The scene that will be filmed in Norway is apparently a scene Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)a car chase occurs on a frozen lake. The car chase does invovle Bond and the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish. ‘Dagbladet’ has reported that Bond’s enemies will be driving Jaguars in this scene and also “flying snowscooters”. Further details on the scene have surfaced, however, I'm not sure about their accuracy.

    'Dagbladet' has further reported that Johnny Flaten, from the Norwegian company Fjordfilm, has been on a weeks sightseeing with "the head of production" on Bond 20, however, the article doesn't comment on who that actually is. With Lee Tamahori busy at Pinewood I suspect it would most likely be Michael G Wilson or Barbara Broccoli. Flaten will apparently be in charge of the operation if the deal is closed. According to Flaten, there will come more than 160 crewmembers to Norway, including Brosnan. A Norwegian crew will be invovled in the filming, however, no extras will be needed for the scene.

    Personally I've been told that EON had also considered Alaska as a possible location, 'Dagbladet' concurs, however, they've commented Alaska is no longer an option. No reason is given. Producers have also reportedly considered Svalbard, but this would be to complicated, logistic-wise.

    If filming in Jostedalen goes ahead it will commence in mid-March.

    A big thanks to Jonas and 'GOR' for the tip off on the news, and Brosnan's Hair for some other info! If you'd like to discuss it please visit this thread of the Bond 20 Forums!