1. Official Site Interview With Lee Tamahori

    By daniel on 2002-02-08

    The official James Bond website has updated today with a look into the work that director Lee Tamahori is currently invovled with in Bond 20. But don't let that mislead you, the report contains no spoilers to the plot of Bond 20.

    There are quite a few interesting highlights in the article. The first is of course a photo showing Pierce Brosnan and Lee Tamahori viewing a monitor. As to what the monitors showing, it's anyone's guess. Pierce of course looks great in the Brioni suit.

    Fans are definetly going to be looking forward to Bond 20. It's not going to be wall to wall action as the press has reported. Pierce says of Lee in the article, "Lee's a good man for keeping this reality based, a character driven piece. He has an edge to him…".

    Be sure to check out the official site to read more details from Yarborough. If you'd like to discuss any part of the report head over to this thread of the Bond 20 Forums. See you there!