1. Madonna Reportedly In Negotiations For Bond 20

    By daniel on 2002-02-07

    The February 18 edition of "US Weekly", which hits stands this Friday, has reported that actress-singer Madonna is in negotations to sing the title track of Bond 20. Furthermore, and more unlikely, US Weekly has said that a cameo in Bond 20 might even be instore for Madonna.

    The rumour comes completely out of the blue for Bond 20. Undoubtedly by this stage composer David Arnold will have begun work on scoring Bond 20 and after his work on the title song of The World Is Not Enough it seems likely that he'll record a title track for Bond 20.

    Strangely enough, Madonna has also been reported as being in negotiations to record the title track for Austin Powers 3. One can only wonder if the rumours are true, however, so soon after recording the title track for Austin Powers 2 it seems unlikely that Madonna would return so soon to Austin Powers 3.

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