1. Rosamund Pike Speaks Bond 20 & Miranda Frost

    By daniel on 2002-02-06

    English actress Rosamund Pike, who will star as Miranda Frost in Bond 20, has spoken with Empire Online about her role in the next Bond film. To begin with, Pike confirmed her characters name change from Gala Brand to Mirandra Frost saying "She's called Miranda Frost, which is a good name. It was going to be Gala Brand, and then we created this new one."

    Pike has also described the role of her character. Spoiler warnings do apply with this information. Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read) “She’s an MI6 agent, which is a cool thing to be, sent to work alongside Bond by M and not very happy about it. She would rather go it alone and doesn’t quite approve of Bond’s methods. He seems to be all fire where she’s all coolness and reserve. And then she keeps showing different sides all the way through. Personally, I’m not sure how to react to such a description. Does it seem that Eon are finally giving fans what they want in the form of a female 00 Agent? Thankfully that's a more exciting description, compared to past ones which have made similarities between Miranda Frost and Christmas Jones seem apparent.

    In a further description about her character Frost has said, "It's a great way into a part because she's a top sportswoman, so I've got to turn myself into that. She's got one skill that I'm not allowed to tell you about – but it rivals Bond girls in the past – it's something new and exciting for Bond to have this particular sport in play." Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read) A sport that Frost has a particular skill in? Undoubtedly that skill is fencing (sword fighting with foils) which Yarborough made a reference to on the official site when he announced the casting of Pike (back then we were excited at her name being Gala Brand). Rumours have also surfaced from Pinewood Studio’s about a set being built named “Blades Club”.

    The article has also revealed that Pike currently has a three week break from filming. It also seems that Pike won't be leaving the UK for the filming of scenes. "The second unit are going everywhere, the first unit get a bit of a raw deal." evidently Pike will next get to travel with Bond when she attends the world press junkets.

    Some great news there for Bond fans! If you'd like to discuss it (of course you would!) you can do so in the Bond 20 Forums, specifically in this thread which I just started. See you there!