1. Spy Report: Open And Closed Case 007

    By daniel on 2002-02-03

    Few briefcases will ever match with the briefcase that Q-Branch provides Agent 007 with in 'From Russia With Love'. However, CommanderBond.Net has details on a similair gadget; albeit not so complex.

    Spoiler Warnings (Highlight To Read)

    When the pictures from the pre-title sequence leaked a few days ago I made a reference to this prop, “We’re not sure what it is, but Bond/Van Beere must pay Moon as substantial amount of money. However, the paymet is to be in diamonds. The diamonds are transported by Bond/Van Beere in a silver suitcase.”. It’s time to reveal some more details on this suitcase.

    Like many others items that Bond collects from Q-Branch this suitcase has at least one gadget built into it, and like many other gadgets it saves Bond’s life.

    When discovered as a British agent by Colonel Moon and his men the order is given for Bond’s execution. To cause a distraction Bond hits a small button and boom the suitcase explodes sending diamonds everywhere. The suitcase, it seems, was secretly rigged with C4 by Q-Branch.

    The explosion gives Bond the right chance he needs to escape from the clutches of Colonel Moon to a nearby hovercraft (which he promptly steals). However, there’s one other side-effect. Zao, Colonel Moon’s main henchmen, was standing a tad to close to the exploding suitcase. As a result one side of his face is bloody mess, it also glitters a bit. That’s a result of the diamonds now embedded in his face.

    Some great details on Bond 20 there! The more I hear about Bond 20, the more excited I get about the film! Roll on November 2002!

    A big thanks to Brosnan's Hair and Indigo for making this report possible!

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