1. Bond Is Coming Back To The PC!

    By David Winter on 2002-01-31

    It was only yesterday I started a post in the forums, longing for Bond to be on the PC again. Well, the folks at Gearbox Software (creators of the Half-Life series) seem to have noticed it; Bond is to return on PC!

    The new Bond game for PC is currently being developed by Gearbox for Electronic Arts (the current developers of the Bond games) who created Tomorrow Never Dies, 007 Racing, The World Is Not Enough and the latest, Agent Under Fire.

    The game is expected to be a PC version of the forthcoming game Pheonix Rising, which will appear on other platforms.

    No other details are known, but the game will have an original story line to it. The game will also be available on console systems.

    Bond coming back to the PC has lots of advantages to players compared to it being on a console platform. With the latest Bond games, we'e only been able to play the levels we have on the game, however, with current PC games, players have been able to download new levels to play in multiplayer games across the Internet or Network games. Also, skins can be downloaded and created so you can play as any character you like. Many more things can be achieved with a PC game, so we can't wait to get our hands on it!