1. More Emerging Details On The Pre-Title Sequence

    By daniel on 2002-01-30

    Details about the pre-title sequence of James Bond 20 have surfaced on Aint It Cool News. These details come from the tipster 'Linkin' who has told AICN that they recently visited the Bond 20 set at Pinewood Studios. Understandably spoiler warnings are prominent with this report.

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    It’s hard to find the facts in this news report as it’s obviously written by someone not completely aware about the plot of Bond 20. However, I’ll try and analyse it all the same.

    Hi. Just like to follow up on your Bond set details scoop. I was lucky enough to visit the Pinewood set recently and would like to expand on some details.

    The Korean set refered to is a house/compound of a Korean arms dealer located in the de-militarized zone of Korea. An arms deal is taking place there and Bond flies in in a SeaHawk helicopter (which was blown up when I was there). He is then taken captive and later escapes by dodging gunfire and leaping onto a hovercraft attempting to escape.

    The compound that ‘Linkin’ is referring is possibly the headquarters of Colonel Moon. In recent times we’ve learn that Colonel Moon is the films villain and bases his headquarters in the demilitarised zone between North and South Korea. The headquarters is reportedly on sandy land and surrounded by land mines.

    Recent leaked pictures from the Bond 20 set indicate that Bond (under the alias of Mr Van Beere) travels to these headquarters in the described helicopter. I can personally reveal further details on this scene. As ‘Linkin’ does mention, the helicopter is destroyed. What he doesn’t mention is that it is destroyed by Colonel Moon using one of the hi-tech weapons he has on hand. However, if Colonel Moon is the described arms dealer I’m currently unaware of it.

    Perhaps Bond is paying Colonel Moon off with diamonds in order for MI6 to learn what technology Colonel Moon has available.

    Finally, on the above paragraph by ‘Linkin’ he describes Bond escaping, we know this not to be a fact. Rather the opposite is true. Moving on…

    The korean dealer also owns a collection of sports cars which are parked within the compound, two of these cars are totalled by gunfire.

    As ‘Linkin’ has described the arms dealer I believe that he definetly is describing Colonel Moon. Before now we have learnt that Colonel Moon’s most trusted henchmen (including the infamous Zao who will be played by Rick Yune) will own a collection of eight or so sports cars.

    If you're looking for further details, as you may be slightly confused about some of the above references I've made, past Bond 20 news reports may be of interest to you. In particular these recent reports (here, here and here) will be of interest to you.

    James Bond 20 promises to be one of the best James Bond cinematic adventures to date. From what little we know of the plot writer Purvis and Wade have seemingly put together a well fleshed adventure. I have a feeling that this November few Bond fans will be disappointed.

    A big thanks to 'rafterman' for posting this news in the Bond 20 Forums. If you'd like to discuss it please visit this thread in the Bond 20 Forums which is an ongoing discussion of the pre-title sequence that we know so far.