1. Spy Report: Filming Behind The Scenes Footage

    By daniel on 2002-01-30

    Our regular insider ‘Vanquish’ tell us today of the filming of behind the scenes footage. Amazingly enough, this is one spy report that contains no spoilers, so you won’t have to highlight to read.

    The Special Treats Production Company are responsible for the behind the scenes / documentary footage for Bond 20. This may be for the DVD. They filmed the press conference, which is being streamed on the net, however, it was a small independent company based at Pinewood Studio’s that edited the piece.

    The Special Treats Production Company did work on The World Is Not Enough. However, to the best of my knowledge none of their work wound up on the DVD. Rather, it was (sadly) limited to the official website. Their work included still photos, some videos and the weekly diary report from Yarborough.

    The Special Treats Production Company have confirmed their involvement to us.

    Thanks to Vanquish for sending that news into us.