1. Spy Report: Details On The Photos From Pinewood Studios

    By daniel on 2002-01-29

    These photos have recently been leaked from Pinewood Studio's where James Bond 20 is currently filming.

    To look in depth at these photos we have to issue a spoiler warning, believe me there are plenty of them. So for those of you who don't want Bond 20 spoilt (and I must warn, there are plot issues in this report) I advise you don't highlight the following text.

    To begin with, fan speculation that these photos originate from the pre-title sequence are true. The photos have been taken of a set that has been built at Pinewood Studios to represent the demilitarised zone inbetween South and North Korea.

    Pierce Brosnan is in costume in these photos, however, the photos have been taken inbetween filming and the scarf which is around Brosnan’s neck will not be featured in the film.

    To continue on we have to reveal more details of the pre-title sequence of Bond 20. James Bond is undercover in this scene, investigating Colonel Moon of the North Korean Army. As a part of this investigation 007 has gone undercover with the alias Mr Van Beere (we’re not 100% sure on the spelling of that name).

    In order to get close to Colonel Moon, Bond, as Van Beere, is conducting some business with him. We’re not sure what it is, but Bond/Van Beere must pay Moon as substantial amount of money. However, the paymet is to be in diamonds. The diamonds are transported by Bond/Van Beere in a silver suitcase, which can be seen above between Pierce Brosnan’s legs. Bond/Van Beere arrives in the demilitarised zone by helicopter which is seen on Brosnan’s right in the lower of the three photos.

    Upon arriving in the demilitarised zone Bond/Van Beere is ‘greeted’ by Colonel Moon’s troops who are, of course, predominantly Korean. Some of these troops can be seen in the photo above. While Moon’s main henchman, Zao, is in this scene he’s not obviously featured in any of these photos.

    While I could go into further details about the pre-title sequence and what occurs during it enough details have been reported enough to explain what exactly is happening in the photos.

    But you're free to speculate in this thread of the Bond 20 Forums.

    In finishing this report I must thank my sources Brosnan's Hair and Indigo for helping me out with gathering information on the photos.