1. Official Site Updates Again

    By daniel on 2002-01-26

    The official James Bond site has updated with production newsflash four. The newsflash looks at the filming of “Scene 135" of Bond 20, which involves M's office at MI6. Present in the scene are Colin Salmon (his head strangely cut off in the given picture) who plays Robinson and Samantha Bond who plays Miss Moneypenny.

    There an interesting line in the newsflash that may lead to speculation about Bond 20. "We’re in Moneypenny’s office and Colin Salmon as Robinson is his way through to see M. Elle Sparks had written in to ask what was happening with Moneypenny and the answer is lots! Samantha Bond takes the character a little further this time with some interesting results."

    The official site has also confirmed that Rosamund Pike will no longer be playing Gala Brand as the character has had a name change to Miranda Frost. CommanderBond.Net revealed that news sometime ago now after looking into the matter. The reason for the change? "In the end, it was decided that, although it was nice to resurrect the name from MOONRAKER, this character is so completely different it was better to give her a new name. Believe me, when you see how she first reacts to James Bond, you’ll appreciate what an appropriate surname it is!" Her reaction to Bond seems a lot like the reaction Bond receives from another young scientist named Dr Christmas Jones in The World Is Not Enough.

    Finally comes confirmation that Jack Wade will not be returning to the series and that Christian Wagner will be editing Bond 20.

    Aside from that look out for the numerous mistakes throughout the report. For instance Bond works for MI6 and not M16 and the character Jack Wade last appeared in Tomorrow Never Dies and not GoldenEye.

    You can discuss the newsflash in this thread of the Bond 20 Forums! See you there!