1. Spy Report: With The Flick Of A Switch

    By daniel on 2002-01-24

    Sometimes when James Bond gets into a tricky situation you can be sure that a Q-Branch Gadget that he has on hand will save his life. However, some of the more interesting moments (and fascinating) have been the times when Bond has modified a gadget and used it for a purpose it wasn’t wholly intended for. For instance, in Tomorrow Never Dies Bond uses his mobile phone to gain access to Gupta’s safe, however, he used the screen of the mobile phone in a way not originally intended.

    Today, comes news of a similar scene from our source Brosnan’s Hair, however, with Bond 20 reportedly receiving continual re-writes it’s very possible that this small scene may be excluded from Bond 20.

    All the same, while this report doesn’t add to the plot of Bond 20 people may not with to read it, so those who do will have to highlight it.

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    As a part of Bond 20 it seems there will obviously be a car chase with Bond’s Aston Martin V12 Vanquish. Rumours have persisted from the media that this chase will take place on ice, our source Brosnan’s Hair confirms this to be the case.

    The ejector seat in the Aston Martin will make a welcome return to Bond 20; a tad of nostalgia considering it first appeared in the Aston Martin DB5 in Goldfinger. The ejector seat will help Bond out of a sticky situation, but in a completely different way to what it was originally intended for.

    At one stage of this chase Bond’s Vanquish is flipped onto its roof by a close by explosion. In order to place the Vanquish back on its wheels Bond activates the ejector seat, flipping the car over and allowing him to continue the chase.

    For what promises to be a very promising sequence we can offer you these storyboards. However, we must warn you, they’re not the real deal. They were created by our resident graphic (and other) talent Rory Couper.

    As the image also contains spoilers you’ll have to click on the fuzzy version to reveal the proper graphic.

    A big thanks to Rory Couper for that excellent storyboard sequence. If you’d like to discuss this small snippet of news be sure to do so in the Bond 20 Forums, especially in this thread, which I just started. See you there!